Reminiscences (extract) video triptych, 10 min, 2022


‘Reminiscences’ is a video triptych shot in a small village by the french mediterranean sea. The images were shot during the last days of the summer,

mid-september, when the village suddenly gets empty of its tourists. The village turns into a desert.

I wondered, what happens to the people who actually stay ? How do they wait for the next summer
? In Sainte Marie La Mer, time stops.

The three young women of ‘Reminiscences’ are frozen in time. They are covered with a veil, evoking the representation of a spirit and the belonging to the

past. The triptych presents their unveiling as a liberation. Summer memories can go away, and the waves will bring new ones next summer.


Made with the support of DRAC Occitanie.

Actresses: Rocio Libertad, Amal Ben, Mathilde Veyrunes

Mix : Louis Pierre Lacouture